Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Every year, our neighborhood has a Halloween block party! The house where it's hosted grills hot dogs, and all the neighbors bring a side dish. The kids come dressed in their adorable costumes, go for hayrides and then we all disperse to go trick-or-treating. This is only the second year we've gone, but we had such a good time. It's been so great getting to know more of our neighbors, and than of course this year- we have Catelyn! She couldn't have been a more precious lady bug!!! She did so great! She just looked around and took everything in. After a while she fell asleep, and then we took her on home around 6:30 for her dinner. It amazes me how much more fun things are just by her being around. It was also fun, because our friends Patrick, Leslie and their two kids, came over to hang out with us too! It was a great first Halloween for Catelyn and us too! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Spooky Trail

Today, Will and I took Catelyn over to the "spooky trail" that the Vestavia library puts on. It's basically a nature walk with pumpkins and cobwebs and stuff. It was really fun being outside, and getting to spend some quality time with our little family. Catelyn had a ball, talking and squealing up a storm. After that we all three went home and took a nap. Ya gotta love a Sunday afternoon! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Great Weekend!!

This past Friday, me, my mom and Catelyn headed over to the Aldridge Botanical Gardens to see the pretty flowers and scarecrows the local businesses and schools had made. It was such perfect fall weather, and we had a great time being outside in it. We got a little camera happy, but there where so many photo ops, we just couldn't pass any by. After we got home, we made caramel popcorn balls, and I taught mom how to crochet. That night, mom gave Will and I a real treat and watched Catelyn while we went out on a date!! We ate some yummy dinner, walked at the Summit, and sat and read at Barnes & Noble. We definitely know how addicted we are to our little girl when we looked at the clock, realized it was 7:30 and said "if we leave right now, we can still get home in time to put Catelyn to bed." What can we say, we're hooked on that precious little girl! Anyways, the next morning mom and I got up and went to garage sales, where I found lots of fun buys. Later, Jackie (Will's mom) met up with us and we all got some lunch at Hamburger Heaven. Around 4:00, my brother (who was visiting from NC) came over with my dad and we grilled out hotdogs and watched football. It was a wonderful weekend with my family, and we had a really great time!