Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day!

Pops and Jack ( Will's mom and dad) came to visit us for Memorial Day and we had such a good time!!  We went to the pool, had a shrimp boil, toured where Will works on campus and played at the park.  It was an awesome visit and we are so glad they came!! Love you Pops and Jack!!

Fun at the Lake!

This past weekend some sweet friends of ours invited us to go out on their boat.  Catelyn and Tripp had never been on a boat before and both of them loved it (with the exception of Tripp hating the life jacket :)  I snapped some sweet pictures of them, and here they are! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm Sew Excited (bahahaha!)

I cannot even begin to say how excited I am to have a "sewing nook" again!!  I was fortunate enough to have one when we lived in Birmingham (which was about two years ago), but have not had a place to sew since then.   What's also so fun is that I was able to get the desk (complete with four drawers) and chair for a total of $17 from the Goodwill.  I most definitely feel like this is one of God's little smiles that He provides.  Hopefully, I'll be posting pictures soon of all kinds of things I've made. excited!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday/Updates

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl who is five years old today!!  Tripp's 2nd birthday was about two weeks ago, so belated happy birthday to him too.   For the memories, here is what they have been up to. 

Catelyn is growing up so much and has such a sweet personality.  She is so sweet and protective of her little brother, whom she adores.  They get along for the most part, but they can drive each other nuts too. :)  She knows her ABC and numbers, loves to play rhyming games and is SO excited about starting Kindergarten in the fall.  She is very creative, and enjoys arts and crafts of any kind and loves to sing to pass the time. She dresses herself from head to toe and does a fantastic job.  She can have a feisty side of her that can get her trouble, but only if you don't crack a smile while she's doing it.  The little girl is hilarious at times with her attitude. She is a relatively picky eater, but will try new things with a good bit of prompting. She loves to sit on my lap and cuddle up.  She is very in to Barbies, and anything princess.  She's my little "Cute's" and I love her so very much!

Tripp is getting so big.  He is talking up a storm and is saying new words every day.  He absolutely loves his big sister and will do anything and everything she does.  If she is not in the room, his very first question is "where's sissy?"  He loves cars- particularly lining them up side by side or in long rows.  He is a fantastic sleeper and takes a two hour nap each afternoon.  He is a cuddle bug and gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.  He is a great eater and seems to prefer things like casseroles and meat/ potato type meals rather than traditional kid food.  I hope this continues.  He loves to play outside, although he is definitely our more cautious child.  He thinks about things a long time before actually trying them out.  I'm ok with that though. :) He minds well and has a soft heart.  If he gets in trouble, his little face will break your heart it looks so sad. He has started showing interest in the potty, but we haven't started potty training just yet.  He's still in the crib, but we will most likely move him to a big boy bed in the next couple of months.   He is my sweet "Biggie" and I (also) love him so very much!

Happy Birthday Kiddos!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Huntsville Trip

A few weeks back me and the kids went for a visit to Huntsville to spend time with my family and meet our new nephews/cousins.  As always, it was a great trip!!

Bugs and Butterfly Birthday Party!!

This past weekend we celebrated Catelyn's 5th and Tripp's 2nd birthday with a Bug and Butterfly party.  I even made them little bug/ butterfly shirts for the occasion. :) We had such a good time.  My sweet family came from all over for the occasion and my kids were beyond excited!  Here are just a few pictures (ha!) from the day.  Happy Birthday to my sweet babies!!

Making the cupcakes!

Tripp cracking us up.

Licking the batter. :) 

Mamaw and Catelyn preparing the cupcake liners. 

The finished product! :)

Overhead shot.  We made butterflys, centipedes, ladybugs and bumblebees. :)

The happy party table!

The party favors! Bug catchers, bubbles and coloring books.

The deck all ready for the party!

Our sweet guests!

Catelyn loving on Uncle Graham.

Our little 2 year old. He's so cute!!!

Catelyn posing with her new "squinkies" from Aunt Vicki (aka Grandmom)

Tripp opening his first present.

Catelyn was so sweet in including her cousins in opening her presents.

New Barbies!!

Tripp with his new car racing toy!

Ann Wilson sneaking a taste. :) She's adorable!

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday kids!

Tripp/Mommy blowing out his candle.

Catelyn blowing out her candle -for the second time.  
(Ann Wilson blew it out the first time it was lit.  It was so funny!)

Eating the yummy cupcakes!

Amelia all smiles with her "ladybug" cupcake!

Tripp munching on his cupcake.

Clayton blowing bubbles.

The kids making good use of their new bug catchers. :)

Mamaw catching bugs and blowing bubbles with her grandbabies. :)

Eating pizza on the deck.  (The weather was the perfect temperature!)

Yummy pizza!

Mamaw with all her grandbabies! 
There will be one more come August from Aunt Julian and Uncle Preston. Yay!!!

An end of the day family picture!!  Such a great time! :)