Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nothing to report, so LOTS of random pics instead :)

The little pool is the best $3 Wal-Mart investment ever!

She blew bubbles all on her own. I was so proud!
I love the size difference between her and her Daddy's shoe. They are just about the same size. :)
When I went to get her from her nap this is how she was sitting. It made me laugh, so I grabbed the camera.
One afternoon, I noticed Catelyn's legs felt cold. So, I took her to her room, put her in a pair of pants, and took her to the den to play. Usually, when I put her down she takes off, but this time she was walking sort of penguin like and then fell down. When she stood back up, I saw what the problem was...I put both of her legs in one pant leg. Way to go Deb! :) It was pretty funny though. The rest are just random pics of family time.

The End!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stage 2: Bath Time

Well...after all of the fun with the water hose outside, Catelyn had enough grass on her to sod a small yard. So, into the bath she went. I decided to bring a little entertainment into the mix by playing hairstylist on Catelyn. These are the "do's" I came up with:

And then finally...all clean!! As you can tell, Mommy needs a bath next!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stage 1: Water Hose Fun

Wednesday, Catelyn and I had all we could take of being indoors, and decided to brave the heat using the water hose. We had done this once before, and Catelyn had an absolute ball. To my great pleasure, the water hose did not fail us, and once again provided a good 30-45 minutes of entertainment.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

This July 4th... me, Will and Catelyn headed to Huntsville to spend it with my parents and my sister, brother-n-law and nephew. We had a lot of fun!! It was the all-American 4th. We ate hotdogs, drank sweet tea, and finished with hot apple pie and ice cream. Yummy! After lunch, we headed outside and played one-on-one games of basketball, went to the pond to watch mom and dad fish, and then strolled around the neighborhood. That night, my sweet parents watched the babies so me, Will, Sarah and Graham could go out to Bridge Street to grab dinner and watch some awesome fireworks. It was so great hanging out with my family and it was a great fourth!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sips n' Strokes

Tuesday night, a bunch of us girls, went out to celebrate our friends birthday. We went to a place called Sips n' Strokes and it was SO much fun!! We painted and talked and really had a fun girls night out. Happy Birthday Kristen!!