Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Glitter Shoes

Catelyn is true girl and loves anything sparkly. Last week, I found a pair of shoes at Target on clearance for about $3. They were charcoal, slip on, boy tennis shoes. I saw on this episode of Martha Stewart a way to transform canvas shoes into glitter shoes, and thought it was adorable. This was the perfect pair of shoes to try this on. I think I may try to find some type of additional embellishment to go on the tongue of the shoe- maybe a bow or a flower not sure yet. I think they'll be such fun shoes, especially with a cute skirt or dress. Love it! Thanks Martha! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 Year In Review

2011... another adventurous year for the Lawler family! :)

January: lots of static, snow and a new found crawling baby.

February: lots of coloring, pulling up on furniture and a trip to Huntsville for much needed family time.

March: table food, playtime, and a visit from Pops and Jack.

April: Huntsville trip to celebrate mom's birthday and Easter in Montevallo.

May: our baby boy turned one, our little girl turned four, mommy turned 32 and we once again moved- this time to Bowling Green, KY.

June: better late than never...a princess birthday party for Catelyn in Huntsville with all the family. Also, little man started walking!

July: a visit from Pops and Jack to help celebrate the fourth. Later in the month, we got a visit from my mom, sister ,nephew and niece.

August: Catelyn starts 4 year old preschool. Also my first attempt at a photo session with the kids.

September: Catelyn's class took a field trip to Chaney farm. Tripp and I went with her. Also, Catelyn began swimming lessons. She loved them!

October: Mom and I, along with the kids, took a trip to visit my brother and his family in North Carolina. Later in the month we carved a pumpkin and had a little builder and a butterfly for Halloween.

November: Enjoyed some nice weather outside and had some down time with the kids. We also celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in Huntsville.

December: went to visit Santa, watched Catelyn put on a fantastic school program, Will and I took a belated anniversary trip to Nashville, celebrated Christmas in Huntsville, and then celebrate Christmas in Montevallo.

Whew! The End. Happy New Year!! :)