Thursday, November 18, 2010

Count Down to Thanksgiving!

Every day, Catelyn wanted to know if it was time to go see Jack & Pops. So, we put together a calendar she gets to mark an "X" on each day. Every morning, it is one of the first things she wants to do. Needless to say, she is VERY excited about going home for Thanksgiving. So am I!

Catelyn's count down- calendar.
So proud of her turkey!
Catelyn's "I'm thankful for..." necklace.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6 months old

This picture so captures the happiness of my 6 month old! What a sweet little man we have. He is growing so much and doing so many new things. He is rolling over from back to belly and belly to back. He's started sitting up last week and is doing really well. He is eating all kinds of things and, as always (thank you Lord!), is still sleeping wonderfully. Because of the holidays we don't go for his 6 month check up until he's 7 months, but a month ago, he weighed in at 19.3 pounds. I'll be super curious to see how much the "little" guy weighs we go in Dec. In the mean time, he's about to break my arm off carrying him in the punkin' seat. I'm thinkin' those days are limited. Happy 6 months Tripp!