Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catelyn Update

I had to post this picture. Pam, a cousin of Will's, took this picture & I thought it turned out so sweet.

Anyways... Catelyn had her 12 month check up today. She had to have four shots, so it was not a fun visit. She did great though, and I'm very proud of her! The doctor said she is growing perfectly and to come back when she's 15 months. Way to go Catelyn! Ok, here are her stats:

Weight: 18. 01 lbs
Height: 30 inches
Head: 17 inches
75% in height
25% in weight

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beautiful Bride

This past weekend, me, Will and Catleyn all had the pleasure of standing by Ruth Ann (Will's sister) as she married Lance. He is such an awesome guy, and I could not be happier for the two of them. Ruth Ann totally looked like the cover of a bridal magazine- she was gorgeous! It was an evening wedding on the grounds of a super cool house that was built in 1916. Catelyn walked down the isle between Will and I, and she did a fantastic job. She even let out a sweet little laugh at the end, which made it all the better. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and the reception was so pretty with all the yummy food and twinkle lights. Now they are honey mooning in Mexico!!! Ruth Ann...I was so proud to stand by you on your day- and Lance, I'm so excited that you're a part of the family. Love you both!

Rudy & Lance at the rehearsal dinner.

Will and I at the rehearsal dinner.
The gorgeous bride getting ready. Taking pictures with the cutest flower girl ever!!
Going for the guarder. One of the 8 year old cousin's caught it. :)

Practising blowing bubbles for the departing couple.

The Edward's leaving for their honey moon. (Sorry for the poor quality of this picture. Good thing there was a photographer!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

29 and Counting

Yesterday, I celebrated my 29th birthday. I'll have to be sure to do something big to end my 20's with a bang! Maybe I'll even move to New York or something. ha! :) For my birthday, my sweet sister spent the night after Catelyn's party and hung out with me all day. We went to Panera that morning, where she bought me breakfast, then we went to do some shopping. It was really great spending quality time with her, and watching the kids play. Now that Catelyn is walking, she and Clayton really interact. It was really sweet to watch. That night my sweet friend Ash came over to watch Catelyn, so Will and I could go to dinner. It was a really good day with lots of sweet phone calls from friends and family making me feel so loved. So, thanks to everyone for giving me such a sweet birthday!

***Keep scrolling down to see Catelyn 1st birthday pictures!! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Catelyn's 1st Birthday Party

This past Sunday, we celebrated Catelyn's first birthday (which isn't technically until Wednesday the 21st). It was so fun preparing for her big day. I sewed her a little outfit, covered my entire kitchen with powdered sugar making her big cake, little cake and cupcakes, and Will and I about passed out blowing up balloons. We had a great time at her party. Catelyn got tons of toys, books, clothes, etc... It was great having all the grandparents there, along with Lance and Ruth Ann (who are to be married this weekend- yea!!!!) and my sister Sarah and nephew Clayton. It was great getting to spend a beautiful day outside, with all the people we love, celebrating the first year of our little girl's life. I still cannot believe that a year has already gone by. She has added so much to our lives, and I praise God so much for giving us the opportunity to be her parents. Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!

The Birthday yummies!
The "big" cake
Catelyn's very own little cake
Happy with her new stuffed puppy from her great grandmother- Nannie (we missed you Nannie and Pawpaw!)

Momma helping open gifts

Best present of all!!! :)

Cake time! She was a little timid at first, but she warmed up quite nicely!

All the family who came to love on Catelyn on her big day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

My wonderful husband, and precious baby, made my first mother's day a sweet one. Will let me sleep in, while he fed and dressed Catelyn. Then around 8:45 they came in to wake me up and wish me a happy mother's day. Catelyn had me a super sweet card, and Will gave me a monogrammed locket to put Catelyn's picture in. I was so excited, and LOVED my necklace. Will did little things for me throughout the day, and really made it special. I sure do love my sweet babies!!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day at the Park

Me and my friend, Leslie, took our kids to the park this past Wednesday. Catelyn had a ball and has found a new best friend in the swing. She did not want to get out! I'd try to take her out to try something new, and she'd shake her head and kick her feet, like no way I'm leaving this thing. It was fun getting to spend some time outside and hang with a sweet friend. I'm hoping many more days at the park are in our near future.
Leslie and Madelyn
Madelyn and Catelyn

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Look Who's Walking!!!

Catelyn took her first steps on April 14th (which is around when the video was taken- sorry it took me so long to post it). Now, she is all over the place and loving her new found independence. I can't believe how fast she's growing. In only a couple more weeks, she'll be one. Craziness!!!