Monday, November 21, 2011

Reversible Stockings

So...I was faced with a problem (for the second year in a row) of what to do about Tripp's stocking. Problem was he didn't have one. When Will and I were first married I made us very detailed stockings and then made one for Catelyn after she was born. Well, for some reason I have not been motivated to make my little boy a matching stocking. I think I was just ready for a change and wanted a more traditional look. Pottery Barn inspired me and now we have nice new, reversible stockings. Yay! Best part is, I already had red and green corduroy in my material stash, my machine does the monogramming and the cream bating material was on sale- so total cost for essentially 8 new stockings...$3!! Woohoo!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tripp Update (18 months old)

I am way overdue on an update about my little guy! He is so sweet and definitely still my cuddle bug. He is always up for big hugs and kisses. Melts mommy's heart! He is about 28 pounds and about 32 inches long. He is a great eater and majority of the time a great sleeper- although we did just go through about a month long bout of growth spurt combined with big teeth coming in, ear ache, stomach bug and fever. I'm hoping we're through with all the craziness and normal sleep habits are back to stay! He adores his big sister and follows her around wanting to play/irritate her. :) He is talking a good bit and says the words: thank you, bye bye, all done, yes, mama and mommy, dada, uh-oh and a few other words that only I can tell what he's saying. ha! He is running and likes to sit on the tricycle and push with his feet. He loves to get in to everything and has an obsession with the toilet (so gross!!) He LOVES baby einstein and will barely budge through a whole video. He has tons of teeth and I don't dare try and count- last time I tried he bit down HARD and then thought it was hilarious! It hurt!! :) I love this little boy so much and so very thankful for him!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catching Up

The month of October had so many events and went so fast I wanted to go back and do a recap for "memories" sake.

Catelyn's school field trip to Chaney's Dairy Farm. They watched and learned about dairy cows, took a hay ride and ate fresh homemade ice cream.
(Class picture)

Swimming Lessons. WKU offers swim lessons with their athletes. Catelyn did so well and really improved. We're going to do it again in the spring and Catelyn can't wait!
Catelyn and her teacher Christiana.
Mom and I took a trip to Asheville, NC to see my brother Preston and his family. We had a great time!!
(Amelia and Catelyn)
Dress up in the trees. Too precious!
Mom and Preston
Super, duper talented brother!
Me and my brother. :)
Fall Pictures!
The End!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

"Tripp" the Builder
Didn't get many pics of this little guy. not much longer after this pic was taken, juice was spilt all down his front and he was drenched. Oh well! :)
Beautiful Butterfly!
She was sooooo excited to get her face painted. She looked gorgeous!!