Monday, June 27, 2011

Poor Guy

My sweet little boy is such a trooper. Catelyn is always messing with him, although she succeeds in making him laugh a good bit of that time too. Today I was in the kitchen working on dinner and stopped to go check on the kids in the living room. The below pictures are what I found. Catelyn was dressing Tripp up in her butterfly costume, head band and all. The little guy was just taking it like a man. Like I said...poor guy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catelyn's 4th Birthday Party

Obviously the theme of this years party for Catelyn was Disney Princesses. She had been talking and asking for this party since literally October. She was so, so excited about it. :) My fantastic sister (which I realized while doing this post, that I didn't get a single picture with. Boo! Sarah...we've got to work on getting more pictures together.) very sweetly offered up her house to have the party at, since we had just moved two weeks before. She went all out! Everything looked so great! Unfortunately, my dad (Papaw) had to work, but my mom (Mamaw) came over for the party. Phil, Jackie (Pops & Jack), Rudy and Lance all drove from Montevallo/Birmingham to be there, and it meant the world to Will and I and to Catelyn to have so many of the people we love there to celebrate with us. The day was filled with playing outside, eating yummy food, playing in the water, riding in cars, eating popsicles and cupcakes, opening presents and getting loved on a lot. It was a great day with lots of wonderful memories!

The Invitation

Our Birthday Princess!
Catelyn picked out the fabric for her dress and was VERY excited to be wearing all of the princesses. It even sparkles! What more could a little girl ask for! :)

Hanging out in Uncle Graham and Aunt Sarah's backyard
playing on the swing set with Jack, Pops and Clayton

Tripp just hanging out in the yard looking cute.

Swinging Ann Wilson.

Tripp and Uncle Lance

Aunt Rudy and Tripp

The lunch spread! My awesome sister and brother in law did a fantastic job of grilling hotdogs and making some super yummy bacon and roasted pepper pasta salad.

The princess cupcakes. My mom found "Little Mermaid" cupcake wrappers in typical mom fashion for 50 cents (thanks mom!). The picks I ended up making out of stickers. I was pleased with how they turned out and they ended up being cheaper than what I had originally thought. Yay!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Catelyn

Blowing out her candles!

I think she likes it! She ended up having 4
cupcakes that afternoon. was her birthday!

Tripp was getting in on the yummy action too!

My wonderful family finishing up before opening presents.

Clayton helping Catelyn open presents. Very sweet!

Catelyn checking out the card that Clayton hand wrote to her.
Too precious!! That one is a keeper!

Checking out what's in her presents!

The family shot. Should have done it earlier before bathing suits were put on, but oh well...better late than never. :)

Handy man Tripp at your service!! Jackie got Tripp these jean diapers
and they are hilarious!! Could the little guy be any cuter?!! I mean seriously!!

Playing water hopscotch! So fun!!

Daddy getting in on the action helping Tripp
slide down the slide. Such a good Daddy!

Everyone chillin' in the pool!

Popsicle break!

Mamaw and Tripp are cooling off with a popsicle.

Aunt Rudy and Uncle Lance joining in on the popsicle fun.

Time to go for a ride in the F150.

Catelyn and "Buddy" laughing and blowing bubbles in the fort.

Time to go home!
Within about 10 min. Catelyn knocked out in the car completely exhausted, but had a wonderful time.

Thanks again to everyone for such a special and wonderful day!
Happy 4th Birthday sweet girl!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

Here's to three awesome Dad's all of whom I love so much!
Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!

My awesome husband and amazing daddy to our two sweet kiddos!
Papaw (my Dad)... Thank you for the way you have always loved and cared for me in such special ways, and thank you even more for now doing the same for the kids.
Pops! I am so thankful to this man for raising such an amazing son!
He has always loved on me so sweetly and is beyond wonderful to Catelyn and Tripp!