Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary!!

Today Will and I celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  So thankful for our marriage, our two sweet kids and the Lord for allowing us to make it this far! :)   Can't even imagine what the next 10 years will hold.  Love you babe!



Thursday, November 1, 2012


October flew by!!  Between soccer games, trip home to see the fam, sick babies, class parties and Halloween, it felt like it was over before it really started.    I'm not complaining was a very fun month!  Here are some pictures for a quick review.

 Catelyn's class at school went to the pumpkin patch where she chose this pumpkin.  After her soccer game the following Saturday, she decorated it and did a fantastic job!

 Catelyn has a very best friend at school named Rene.  
They LOVE each other.  Too cute!

Catelyn and Rene dancing at the Pumpkin Dance at the school Fall Festival. 

At school, rather than dressing up in Halloween costumes, they dressed as what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Catelyn wanted to be like her Aunt Rudy and be a hair stylist.  
She was adorable! 

 Tripp watching Catelyn's parade at school and having a good time, 
although it didn't last long.  He wanted to parade around too.

 Our beautiful princess!

 Precious little fireman!
 The two cuties together!
 Headed to the mall to trick or treat.  
 Daddy walking in Tripp. 
 He did such a great job!  It was precious!
 Catelyn showing Daddy all the candy she's gotten.

 Mamaw and Papaw went with us to Trick or Treat and it was great!! 
 So glad we got to spend it with them.