Sunday, September 16, 2012

Game Day

This past weekend me, my brother and my Dad headed to Neyland Stadium to watch Tenn play Florida.  The game didn't turn out as we hoped, but that didn't stop us from having a super fun day.  We watched the players come down the Vol walk, watched the band make their way into the stadium, ate some super yummy vendor food and then finally went to our seats to watch all the pre game fun stuff. The weather felt great and only got better as the sun went down.  The company I had couldn't have been better and the atmosphere was crazy loud.  Still wish the game would have gone in a different direction, but regardless... so glad to have made such fun memories!  Thanks again Dad and Preston for such an awesome day, and thanks Mom for keeping my kiddos so I could go in the first place.  Love y'all!!  

The "Vol Walk"

Preston, me and Dad :)

Pre- game fun!

Players run out on the field.

Will took a couple shots from the sidelines. 

Tennessee is about to score.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Catelyn's First Soccer Game

Yesterday was the Unicorn Rockstar's first game!  They did well!  Catelyn is still figuring out the concept of soccer, but she tried hard and did great.  They were so cute out there! They looked so little while looking like big kids all at the same time.  She seemed to have fun, so it was a successful day. :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

We had a fun filled Labor Day weekend.  My sister, her husband and kids all came for a visit.  It was great getting to hang out, grill yummy food and watch some awesome football.  Sunday we all loaded up and headed to Asheville, NC to visit my brother's family and meet their new baby boy, Preston Wayne Cate, Jr.  It was so good getting to be with my brother and sister and their families.  So thankful when we get those rare opportunities to all be together. 

Little Preston

Such a proud Aunt!

Catelyn and Amelia were painting their toes, 
along with giving Ann Wilson her first pedicure. :)

Little Preston asleep on the porch. So sweet!


Clayton, Amelia and Catelyn having fun climbing trees.

Tripp playing on the swing.

Catelyn is absolutely beautiful!!

Love how care free she looks in this picture!

Tripp squished up face.  Love this little boy!!

Catelyn and Amelia!

Big Preston grilling us up some super yummy food!!


Clayton and Catelyn playing a game with Will.

Uncle Graham having fun on the swing.

Dinner time!

Uncle Preston and Alex.

Fun on the slide!

Clayton up in the tree.

Cutest twins ever!!

The money shot! Me and my siblings with all of our children.  Wow!!