Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yay for Being Able to Post Pictures!

We finally got a new computer (yay!!). So here are all the things I've been wanting to post since our old computer crashed.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve

Visit from Santa/ Uncle Lance.

Christmas Cuttie!

Tacky Christmas!

Catelyn had asked for some Nemo treats, to which I answered "no, not before dinner." Well, my sweet little girl took actions into her own hands. This is her trying to stack her way up to the upper cabinets to get her beloved treats. Fortunately, I found her before the climbing really began.

Catelyn's Thanksgiving at School.

Meeting Ann Wilson for the first time.

Catellyn found my panty drawer and put everything on she could find. It was hilarious, so I grabbed the camera.

Halloween: I made Catelyn a little cowgirl outift this year, and she was precious in it. Never could get her to wear the cowboy hat though.